Make your work easier with Migoo.

Migoo is a platform that allows you to rent heavy and expensive equipment easily. Every piece of equipment we offer is of the highest caliber and is rentable at a price that is convenient for you.

We are working to encourage the construction industry, which needs equipment quite often. In addition to saving them money, renting out such equipment is also relatively simple.

We are at the frontline of disrupting the construction industry. Our premium, fully automated, and all-inclusive remedy for renting or listing any equipment is the most convenient and accessible in the industry.

We do not use traditional techniques; instead, we have optimized and sophisticated systems and processes to meet our customers' needs.

Our story!

Migved Solutions Private Limited has launched “Migoo Equipments” platform for rent, buy, sell, list, manage & insure Construction equipment!

Arjun Pachani has worked in the construction industry for the past 11 years, and during that time, he has come to understand how difficult it can be for business owners to acquire the tools and materials they need.

And, in light of the growing tech-savvy nature of this industry, he had decided to give this company a fresh look by blending it with technology. He wished to alter the way contractors manage their resources, personnel, and materials; therefore, a robust solution is required.

This is how he came up with the idea for Migoo, a platform for renting and listing large and expensive construction equipment.

Migoo has grown to become an environment of technology solutions that considers all construction verticals thru our demand and supply business models since its inception.

Core Values

100% transparency between the provider and the customer

Top-notch management through modern systems and real-time alerts

Affordability and accessibility at the core

Access to a diverse range of equipment available for rent

Hassle-free booking and payment procedure


The team at Migoo works with a development-driven vision to achieve our mission with utmost transparency and solve problems of different businesses within distinct industries.

The vision to solve problems of buying equipment with a sophisticated process followed by real-time alerts and a strategic approach is all we aim for!


Team Migoo is founded and going on with a mission to offer businesses with ease and accessibility to rent heavy and expensive pieces of equipment. Our founder Arjunkumar Pachani understood the difficulty of the construction industry, which includes purchasing all this expensive equipment for their business needs.

That's when he decided to develop a platform that solved this problem to a great extent. All our services are of the best quality, and you can avail of them at affordable rates at any time.

Why Migoo?


The wide set of skills and experience that Migoo's team brings to the table ensures that our clients receive the greatest possible user experience while also giving us a well-rounded viewpoint on business operations. Our leaders are united by a single vision and set of principles; they are driven by a love of construction and a commitment to our client's long-term success.

Comforting atmosphere

Creating an environment where people from all nationalities, backgrounds, interests, and opinions can thrive. It entails recognizing and utilizing the diversity of our skill sets, treating everyone with fairness and respect, and granting everyone equal access to opportunities and resources needed to fully contribute to the company's overall success.

Strengthening our employees

Our employees at Migoo are just as remarkable as the projects we build. Our responsibility is to provide our staff with challenging and gratifying possibilities that are free of barriers, allowing our people to grow effectively and emotionally. We uphold the highest levels of professionalism in both our work and our employees.

Founder's Message!

We have always stood by our values of Collaboration, Excellence, Trust, and Integrated Growth. Our diversification and partnerships with industry leaders have both benefited from these values. We offer high-quality equipment with a sturdy structure.

Over the years, in addition to providing our clients with products, we have also been able to offer them service and engineering support. Recently, we expanded our workforce supply division, which complements our primary business activity of equipment rental. This interrelated operating model has also helped us move progressively.

Our customers take advantage of our dependable service, affordable rates, and simple rental procedure. In order to enable contractors to operate more profitably and effectively, we want to combine the market's efficiencies with cutting-edge technology.

- Mr. Arjun Pachani, Founder

We value our customers and adhere to the highest quality standards in everything we do.