Frequently Asked Questions

For Renting Out Equipment

Why choose Migoo for my Rental Equipment needs?

Migoo is a cutting-edge, pioneering company in the equipment rental industry. We provide the best value by bringing all required products together under one roof.

  • On our website, you will find high-quality and diverse equipment.
  • Dealing at a reasonable and competitive price.
  • You will have your equipment delivered to your location, as well as the option of picking it up.
  • You can easily rent out your own equipment to other construction businesses.

What if there is a delay in picking up the rental equipment?

While we make every attempt to pick up the equipment at the extreme of each rental term on time, planning conflicts or other unusual events may cause delays. After the planned pick-up time, the equipment could not be picked up for several hours, days, or even weeks. The customer is accountable for housing the machinery until it has been picked up in this kind of instance.

You must inform your Rental Professional ahead of time if you cannot house the equipment or require it to be pulled up from the work site before a specified time or date. There may be extra fees.

How long can I rent your equipment?

We strive to provide a variety of rental models at Migoo, such as month-to-month rentals, per-week rentals, 24-hour rentals, and unique weekend rentals that include pick up on a Friday and return on Monday.

What Are My Rental Payment Options?

The rental payment structure will be heavily influenced by the period of time you rent the equipment and the kind of equipment you select.

More extended contracts are usually set up as monthly payments, with prices varying according to weekly, weekend, and per-day basis.

A typical tenancy contract is written in such a way that it will automatically renew and bill accordingly. If a rental lasts longer than the original release date, our equipment partner will modify the service agreement and invoicing to provide a reasonable deal.

How much does it cost to deliver rentals to me?

The cost of delivery for heavy equipment rentals is determined by your location and the length of the lease period. We will always charge reasonable delivery costs.

For Listing Equipment

How can I list my equipment on this platform?

We have a three-step easy procedure to list your equipment on this platform.

  • Sign up:- First, you need to sign up on our platform as a dealer to list your equipment.
  • Add all the necessary details:- After signing up, you need to add all the details about your equipment or equipments along with pictures.
  • You are all set:- When you have added all the details, you are all now set to receive inquiries from customers.

Can I get real-time alerts if anyone rents my equipment?

Yes, you will get real-time alerts via text as well as images. Our camera tracking features will send real-time images to keep you updated.

How Can I track my equipment?

All the vendors will be getting SAAS based dashboard along with GPS tracking facilities to track the location status of your equipment. So when you list your pieces of machinery on Migoo, you will rest assured of the safety of your things.

How will I receive payments after someone rents my equipment?

When someone rents your equipment and their tenure is completed, you will receive your payment as per your preferred payment channel.

How can I maintain the equipment's condition to get the best returns?

When renting out equipment in the equipment rental industry, you must make sure that it is in the best possible condition. At the same time, you must ensure that the equipment's ability to be rented out is not compromised by the need for service, renovations, and upkeep.

Your equipment rental software's service and care feature allow you to plan and coordinate maintenance to guarantee the asset's highest rental accessibility.