Construction equipments insurance became easier with Migoo!

Heavy construction equipment is costly, so ensuring it is critical and beneficial in the long run. You put a lot of money into buying construction equipment & tools. Isn't it sensible to protect everything thoroughly?

If that is what you are looking for, then we have got you covered! Migoo comes to your aid by offering insurance services for all of your construction machinery & tools.

At Migoo, when you rent, list, buy or sell equipment, you can even avail insurance for the same to get reimbursement in case of damage, theft, accident, fire & other related factors backed by top-notch 24/7 customer support.

We even have an insurance facility at Migoo for the staff who will be interacting with construction equipment to ensure their safety. In order to provide you with a seamless user experience, we have teamed up with numerous banks and businesses.

We've assisted dozens of general contractors in finding the best insurance for their needs. Get in contact with Migoo today if you're looking to safeguard your construction equipment. Our qualified agents can talk to you about your needs and coverage alternatives.

Our agents will inquire more about your business requirements, to offer you personalized insurance needs for the equipment or equipments.

Migoo at your rescue to handle construction equipment insurance!

Hassle-free process

24/7 customer support

Multiple coverage options

End-to-End equipment protection

Affordable rates

Claim assitance

Tips for choosing the right Insurance & right insurance provider!

To choose the appropriate insurance plans, you must first evaluate the threats to your construction equipment.

When evaluating various equipment insurance plans, you should be aware of the various coverage and reimbursement options.

Companies should check their other insurance policies on a regular basis and merge them with the same insurer to reduce insurance costs.

You should search for a type of coverage that is advantageous and reasonable for your business in the long term.

You can give us a variety of equipment for insurance including its approximate current worth, manufacturing year, and registration number.

You must also consider whether the policy is drafted using an actual cash value (ACV) or replacement cost value (RCV). ACV will pay for the repair or replacement of the broken equipment, not the depreciation cost. At the same time, RCV will pay for the equipment's original cost. RCV coverage is just an alternative for new equipment (no older than five years).

Why Choose Migoo for Insurance of the Equipments and Staff as Well?

One-stop shop for equipment & staff insurance!
Affordable insurance plan
Throughly checked paper-work
24/7 Live whatsapp,phone and email support
We follow relatively easy & simple process
Tied up with various compal & banks for Insurance.

Why choose Migoo to cover your insurance needs?

One-stop shop

Migoo is your one-stop shop for all your insurance needs. Whether you are looking for construction equipment insurance or your staff handling the equipment, we have got you covered!

Tied up with different entities

Migoo has partnered with various companies & banks to offer you a seamless insurance experience. All our partners are registered and go through the standard insurance process to offer secure results.

Easy & simple process

We have a quick & easy procedure for you through which you can avail the best-in-class insurance services. Within just a few easy steps and information, you can get access to our end-to-end Insurance Services.

Pocket-friendly Insurance plans

We have tied up with various companies and have access to a variety of Insurance plans based on varying budget ranges. All our plans are affordable, and you can choose the needed one as per your equipment.

Post-service support

Our team at Migoo offers 24/7 post-services customer support to our customers for Insurance. This post-services ensures that all our customers will get immediate reimbursement within just a few days through an easy process.

End-to-End transparency

Customers want more transparency when it comes to Insurance, yet most insurance providers conceal it. However, with Migoo, you can count on us to be familiar with your insurance plans and everything about the coverage plan, scope, and exemptions.

Avail the insurance services from Migoo right away!